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The XP-series is a compact fully automated three-part differential hematology analyzer consisting of 2 models XP-300 and XP-100.The XP-series performs reliable analysis of 20 parameters (both in WB and PD mode) and displays result with 3 histograms on a colour touch screen.


XP-300 and XP-100

The XP-300/XP-100 is a fully automated hematology analyzer with small footprint, suitable for any laboratory and ideal as a backup in medium to big hospital.



• Accurate and reliable results up to 20 parameters (both in WB and PD mode)
• Distinct Neutrophil population provides clinical screening for bacterial infection
• Real-time online QC by our SNCS (Sysmex Network Communication Systems)
• Simple to operate with user friendly illustrated icons and colour touch screen
• Input sample ID and QC assay data via handheld barcode reader
• On-board storage capacity for up to 40,000 data (XP-300) and 35,000 data (XP-100) including three histograms
• Multi-language software available (English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian and Korean)
• Suitable for central laboratories, emergency rooms, small health centres and physician office laboratories