CSR 2015

Sysmex Asia Pacific started the New Year helping the less fortunate

On 16 January 2015, Sysmex Asia Pacific organized an activity to do our part to support the less fortunate in Singapore. We approached Food Bank, a place where companies or people go to deposit / donate their unused or unwanted foods which will then be collected and allocated to the Needy via various channels through VWOS, Charities, Soup Kitchens etc.

We collected donations within SAP amounting to $7,650, inclusive of the company matching $1 for every $1 donated.

With the help of Food Bank, we purchased and distributed the food bundles to a total of 306 needy families in the Bukit Batok Estate. We spent hours preparing, packing and delivering the items to the needy families.

Each packet of food bundle include:
Rice (5kg) x 1
Oil (1L) x 2
UHT Low Fat Milk (1L) x 2
Biscuits x 3
Canned sardine x 2
Canned mushroom x 2
Canned corn x 2
Cornflakes x 2

Although everyone was tired after the activity from the packing and distribution to each home, we were all very happy. This charitable experience taught us humility and what it means to give to the less fortunate. Just a simple act of charity brought smiles to both the young and elderly in these households.

csr 2015

Sysmex Asia Pacific doing our part in Sri Lanka

During our bi-yearly event with our business partners in Sri Lanka in September 2014, Sysmex Asia Pacific took this opportunity to do our part in contributing to the society. We donated a fully automated coagulation analyzer to Negombo Hospital and items for a First Aid room for Palangature Sinhala Mix School.

We had 2 Corporate Social Responsibility events during the short 3 days’ stay in Sri Lanka. We donated a fully automated coagulation analyzer to Negombo Hospital and taught the laboratory technicans how to use the analyzer to reduce their workload. We also donated items for a First Aid room, books and games for Palangature Sinhala Mix School.

Event participants who were our business partners, also bought games, stationery, clothes, and shoes and donated them to the school. All participants did their part by cleaning the school and planting some plants. The students were so excited that they immediately set up the net, pump the volleyball and started to play a game with our participants. It was a very hot day but everyone including the students were very happy.

sri lanka            sri lanka2

Our CEO presenting the instrument to the Medical Director of Negombo Hospital (left). A newspaper article published in Sri Lanka on this donation (right).


sri lanka3                 sri lanka4

Participants doing their part in the school