4pm, IST

October 30, 2020

Online Webinar





Dr. Ajay PhadkeCentre Head, SRL Dr. Avinash Phadke Labs





Objectives of the Lecture

As the world responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we face the challenge of an overabundance of information related to the virus. Some of this information may be false and potentially harmful.

The test profile for COVID-19 has its benefits  in the current scenario of pandemic and in assessing the future of pandemic. However, misinformation regarding the tests & their interpretation is a huge cause of concern and needs to be addressed.

Sysmex India kindly invites you to join us for this knowledge sharing session and know more on the Myths & Facts behind the COVID-19 tests from a renowned industry expert.

We hope you have enjoyed the webinar and gained new insights!

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