The Sysmex CS-1600 system is a fully automated coagulation analyzer that is ideal for medium sized coagulation laboratories requiring an easy-to-use, cap-piercing analyzer capable of running clotting, chromogenic, and immunologic assays simultaneously.

Using novel technologies, the CS-1600 assured laboratories of consistent accuracy and reliability in their testing results. In addition, there are various high-end functionalities aimed at helping laboratory operators improve their work efficiency, and providing extra support to laboratory accreditation requirements and operations.

Consistent accuracy and reliability

  • Pre-analytical sample integrity check for correct blood/anticoagulant ratio (9:1) prior to any testing
  • Automatic selection of optimal wavelength according to the characteristics of the sample

Operational efficiency

  • Analyze closed and open tubes, and sample cups in a single rack
  • Flexible STAT analysis for immediate attention to STAT samples
  • Real time monitoring of reagents
  • Auto start-up of analyzer
  • Auto backup of data

Sophisticated software

  • Traceability information/operation log
  • Display estimated measurement completion time
  • Handover function to support smooth handover to the next shift
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