The CS-2400/2500 system is a high performance coagulation station that allow laboratories to perform routine and specialized testing including platelet function tests. It allows random measurement of multiple parameters with a maximum throughput of 180 test/h.

Utilizing proprietary multi-wavelength analysis technology, the system ensure laboratories report their testing results with consistent accuracy and reliability. And at the same time, increase the efficiency and productivity of the laboratory operators with its advanced usability features. CS-2400/2500 support laboratory accreditation with complete traceability

Consistent accuracy and reliability

  • Pre-analytical sample integrity check for correct blood/anticoagulant ratio (9:1) and interfering substances prior to any testing
  • Automatic selection of optimal wavelength according to the characteristics of the sample.

Advanced usability

  • Analyze closed and open tubes, and sample cups in a single rack
  • Extended on-board reagent stability at 10°C
  • Replace or add reagents without interrupting the current measurement
  • Real time monitoring of reagents/consumables
  • Display estimated measurement completion time

Complete traceability

  • Traceability/operation log
  • Automatic recording of maintenance with checklist
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