Cytocell is a significant European manufacturer of FISH probes and has a well-established worldwide distribution network for its products, covering more than 60 countries. In February 2014, Cytocell was acquired by Oxford Gene Technology (OGT), a leading provider of innovative genetics research solutions. In May 2017, OGT was acquired by Sysmex Corporation.

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Aquarius® Range

The Aquarius® range consists of directly labelled FISH probes for constitutional cytogenetic and oncology (both pathology and hematology) applications. All Aquarius® probes are supplied in hybridization solution and are either ready to use or need simple dilution with additional hybridization solution which is conveniently supplied in the kit. The satellite, subtelomere specific and whole chromosome painting probes are available in a 5 test format whereas the microdeletion syndrome and hematology probes are available in an economical 5 and standard 10 test format. The probes are supplied with DAPI counterstain and full instructions for use and, where applicable, with hybridization solution.

Multiprobe® Range

3The Chromoprobe Multiprobe® System is an extension of Cytocell’s proprietary Chromoprobe® technology whereby DNA FISH probes are reversibly bound to the surface of a glass device. The probes attached to the glass device dissolve back into solution once in contact with hybridization buffer, whilst denaturation of the probes and target DNA occurs simultaneously under the device once heated. This approach both simplifies the whole FISH procedure and renders it safer and quicker to use. This system allows multiple FISH probes to be hybridized on the same slide in a spatially separated manner allowing rapid screening of a patient sample for a number of DNA sequences in a single FISH analysis.

myProbes® Custom FISH Probes 

myProbes® is a custom design and manufacture service that provides unique fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) probes using the BAC-2-FISH™ process. This process utilizes Cytocell’s proprietary BAC clone collection containing >220,000 clones to produce fully quality-assured custom FISH probes for virtually any sequence in the entire human genome. Based on your specific interests and research, custom FISH probes may range from a simple catalog probe modification to a truly unique product.3

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