As a leading company in the provision of clinical laboratory testing products and health IT solutions, Sysmex continues to build a significant worldwide customer base. Working closely together with our extensive network of distributors, Sysmex continues to build strong relationships with our customers through first class products, support and training.

The brand name ‘Sysmex’ is respected worldwide as being synonymous with innovation and reliability. Together with the commitment we offer to our customers, Sysmex continues to advance in the same direction that has allowed us to succeed – by focusing on our customers at the centre of what we do.

We are proud to be associated with our customers – healthcare organisations with a strong commitment to raising the standard of patient care and overall health.


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SNCS Online QC Module

Take the hassle out of QC with SNCS Online QC Module. This module eliminates the inconvenience of sending external QC data via standard mail, and provides continuous monitoring of your instruments’ performance for a range of disciplines.The Online QC Module is easy and convenient to use and reduces the time-consuming tasks usually required of the lab’s QC officer. Online QC is unique because it integrates daily internal QC and external quality assurance requirements into a single measurement.

Regular analysis of internal and external QC data can be performed through secure online access by the laboratory to SNCS. It also includes direct email notification messages in the event of any QC errors or deviation.

SNCS Remote Monitoring Module

The Remote Monitoring Module provides 24 hour assurance for optimum instrument performance, instilling you with confidence in the technical status and quality of your analyzers. With this system, Sysmex engineers are able to remotely monitor error logs and provide predictive maintenance, maximizing instrument uptime.

Any related instrument service visits are more efficient as the engineer is already well-informed about the background specific to the instrument being serviced.

SNCS Scientific Web Information Module

The Scientific Web Information Module is a central platform within SNCS to educate and guide users about the best use of Sysmex technology. Constantly updated in the latest scientific and diagnostic materials including clinical case studies, this module benefits all users across all levels of knowledge.